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China Gives the Second Life to iPod

July 25, 2010

ipod_nanoI've got an iPod Nano in 2006. It's the first generation of Nano. It still works very well. During the last one or two years the battery became quite weak. Fully charged, it run down for an hour of listening music. Not too much.

My choice was to replace the battery by myself to minimize expenses. To my surprise, some sellers from China offered iPod battery replacement kits for less than 5 US dollars. I took one. An hour of delicate work and voilà – my iPod can run more than 7 hours on one charge. The most tricky was to open the back cover without causing any damage. I've found a couple step-by-step video tutorials on the Internet that were very helpful to do everything without a hitch.


I had some worries about the quality of a so cheap battery. Three month passed over with problems with the new battery.

It's early 2014. My iPod is still very well with the battery installed in 2010.

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